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Company Mission


ur mission is to exceed customer requirements and expectations while being a place where employees are engaged and encouraged and supported to reach their full potential.

Our first goal that supports the mission statement of the company is to deliver parts with zero defects and deliver them 100% on time. This goal supports the mission statement of exceeding customer requirements and expectations because those criteria are generally the most critical to the customer’s needs. This goal also reinforces the customer centric philosophy of understanding what the customer needs and expects.

The second goal that supports the company mission is to develop all employees to reach their full potential. This means that the company will carefully evaluate employee’s knowledge skills and abilities to create a development plan for the employee. Employee development will not only encourage and support the employee to reach their full potential but will aim to align that development to best support the objectives of the business.

Chad Maurer


had oversees staff operations and directs and coordinates all the activities for the organization. He prioritizes production schedules based on sales and operational efficiency as well as material supply. He selects and develops personnel to ensure the efficient operation of the production function.

Chad has introduced the company to the concepts of lean manufacturing and six sigma. Though the use of lean six sigma tools his team is able to reduce the time it takes to set up a CNC machine tool by more than 60%. The implementation of 5s and lean has resulted in improving efficiencies in other areas of the shop as well, such as in reduction in cycle times and reducing errors. Using value stream mapping and other lean tools he has been able to increase output and productivity by reducing and eliminating waste and bottle necks in our production.

Forming Assemblies and Sealing Jaws

Pearland Precision is the best solution for precision machined parts and components for the oil and gas industry.

Pearland Precision is set up to do CNC turning and CNC milling. We use the latest computer aided manufacturing (CAM) software to create CNC programs.